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Who We Are & What We Do

Text Loans 24 is a trusted and established payday loan company. We provide quick cash advances to UK residents who come across hard times and emergencies. We understand that sometimes life is full of suprises. It is the least we can do for hardworking individuals to make life a little bit easier. All of our cash advances as worry free. The application process is very simple. Once you register, you will not have to go through the process again unless something changes in your life such as your job or income.

How To Apply

The application process is very short and convenient. You will not have to perform faxing of any documentation. You are not required to go through a credit check either. We will not base our decision on your history. We want to give you a second chance and trust that you will return the funds in a timely fashion. Simpy fill in our application form and we will process your application immediately.Applicants must be over 18 and have some form of monthly income to be considered for text loans.


What we will check is your income level, your employer history, and your bank account information. You will need to supply us with the debit card connected to your bank account as well. We will deduct repayment fees using that debit card. Proceeds will normally be deducted fifteen days after the day we disburse them to you.

We will identify who you are before we make a final decision. Once that decision has been made, we will contact you letting you know that you have been approved for a loan.

Receiving The Funds

All you need to do after you have filled in the application form is to wait for us to contact you with the result of your application. Your first advance will most likely be for between £100 and £1000. Once you have established a trusting relationship, you will most likely be approved to receive larger advances. The cash will be deposited into your chosen bank account as soon as you are approved.